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Since 2005 D Digital has brought quality electronics to homes throughout Chicagoland. We specialize in design and installation of Dedicated Home Theaters, High End Two Channel Audio Systems, Home Entertainment Audio and Video Systems, Smart Home Automation and System Integration and carry carefully selected brands, chosen for their performance, reliability and ease of use. 


                       D Digital is a proud member of the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA), a trade association of companies that design and install electronic systems for the home, and its members are proven experts held to the highest standards of certification and continuing development. 

Arcam is based just outside the famous university city of Cambridge, and our story started the classic way: two friends with a passion for music and electronics met up while engineering students at Cambridge University, and founded Amplification and Recording Cambridge in 1976. We've been developing and making CD players for almost 30 years, and for 40 years the descendants of the amplifier with which the company started in consumer electronics, and as far back as 1995 expanded into home cinema electronics, developing a world-class reputation for making some of the best-sounding AV electronics.

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Bluesound is an alliance of audiophiles dedicated to delivering on the promise of wireless, digitally perfect high-fidelity audio. As designers, engineers and individuals who have spent our lives in the music industry, we are not satisfied with anything less than perfection. You don’t need to be an audiophile to appreciate hi-res sound, but you might just become one once you hear what you’ve been missing.


Control4, a leading provider of personalized automation and control solutions, allows you to control virtually any device in a home or business, automatically. Founded in 2003, the company mission is to deliver an elegant and more affordable way to control and automate lighting, music, video, security and energy in a single room or throughout the entire home. Today, Control4® certified custom integrators work with home and business owners to deliver the transformative benefits of the smart and connected home: convenience, peace of mind and an efficient environment that’s comfortable and safe.

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At DALI, we are driven by a raw passion for music and its honest reproduction in the domestic environment. DALI speakers are characterized by sublime quality and an engaging sound experience across a wide area in any room. The development and refinement of new technologies to increase the realism of the home entertainment experience is the main objective in our quest to create what we believe to be the best loudspeakers in the world.


Drawing upon the heritage of the JBL® brand, JBL Synthesis® systems combine the most advanced signal processors, equalizers, amplifiers and loudspeakers to create the most realistic listening experience possible in rooms of any size. JBL loudspeakers have been the choice of music and movie professionals for more than 60 years; they are behind the screens of more than 50 percent of all movie theaters and hang in concert venues everywhere. Many of your favorite songs and movie soundtracks were mixed or mastered on JBL studio monitors. Our home systems use technologies, materials and manufacturing techniques that we developed for professional speakers.


The concept for Kaleidescape was born in early 2001, just after Michael Malcolm had a state-of-the art theater installed in his Colorado home. A small group of seasoned Silicon Valley entrepreneurs brainstormed the best way to serve up a rich cinematic experience in the home. Today, the Kaleidescape experience is unrivaled. The company is known for its unwavering dedication to quality, innovation and customer service, and its unique movie server architecture. Kaleidescape Systems are installed in the finest homes and yachts around the globe. The company has also built and maintains one of the largest and most complete databases of information describing movies and music.


The company was founded in 1961 by Raymond Cooke and was initially headquartered in a Nissen Hut on the premises of Kent Engineering & Foundry (from where the name KEF is derived). Cooke, an ex-BBC Electrical Engineer, was keen to experiment with new materials and technologies in order to create products with superior acoustic quality that could reproduce recordings as natural as the original performance. From the very beginning, the pioneering inventiveness of KEF loudspeakers was undeniable and now for several decades, audiophiles around the world have revered KEF for its innovative, high-performance loudspeakers.

Born in the Studio we’re not new to audio excellence. Lexicon is the gold standard for digital audio in almost every recording studio in the world. And we’ve helped create 80% of the world’s recorded music. When you own a piece of Lexicon equipment, you know you’re getting technology that’s good enough for the pros, but designed for your living room, the same technology that just earned us a GRAMMY®. From the world’s first commercially available digital effects processor to the new Automatic Room Equalization System, each product reflects our love of music and commitment to the artistic process.


Our heritage of technical excellence means we can create components with the ability to communicate the scale, timbre, pitch and dynamics in fact, the very essence of a recording. Music is enchanting, and we strive to ensure that the carrier of the music looks and feels as good as it sounds. Every component we produce is technically and cosmetically designed to complement the lifestyle of the listener. Each and every one of our home entertainment components is capable of reproducing the purest, most realistic music in your home. We know that true hi-fi is about being able to reproduce the magic of a performance – it’s about experiencing music just as the artist intended.

Mark Levinson

As any true audiophile will attest, the Mark Levinson name is synonymous with audio purity. So when we design a piece of equipment, perfection isn’t the goal but the starting point. Our engineers spare no expense sourcing the best materials from around the world, and they only release new products when they exceed all expectations. Since 1972 we’ve created a class of our own by consistently releasing the best sounding, longest lasting, most intuitive audio/video components in the world—products that are just as gorgeous as they are meticulously crafted.


From start to finish, our decisions on which design, features, and components make it into a new product are based on whether they enhance true-to-source sound performance. If no appreciable improvement is there, we go back to the drawing board. We are so adamant in our philosophy that we have been known to delay the release of new products until we achieve what we believe is a winning formula.


In the complicated landscape of audio, many companies put stratospheric price tags on great performance. Our mission couldn't be more different. Simply put, we offer the most performance for the money by finding the sweetest spot between price and diminishing returns. We've all been on the consumer side: music lovers, musicians, and audio enthusiasts looking for top-tier sound without breaking the bank. When you choose Parasound you're getting uncompromised quality for every model. They all use the best parts and each must pass our strictest quality assurance. We wouldn't have it any other way.


Since 1990, our brand is an expression of attention, rigor and dedication to an exciting job that allows us to offer a range of products carefully developed for the demands of any enthusiast. Our task is to research, select and combine with care the best materials for the technical realization of articles having the maximum functionality, according to a coherent design over time. It is a labor of love and passion for music. We also intend to preserve the artisan characteristics of our products as the highest expression of our corporate creed, which is completely based on the “Made in Italy” concept.


At Revel, science is at the heart of everything we do. While the rest of the industry focuses on shallow aesthetics, our engineers are busy in the lab perfecting the audio accuracy of our products. Since our very first loudspeaker, we obsessively test and re-test every element so you get the most out of every product. The result is music produced with the utmost purity, music that's played the way the artist intended. Every Revel product is the result of thousands of hours of work. Since 1996, we've relied on our technical resources, one-of-a-kind testing facilities, and cutting-edge design tools unavailable to most manufacturers to create every loudspeaker we produce. 

Nucleus is the center of your Roon music system. It’s the housekeeper, the traffic cop, and the brain that takes care of the music in your life. Using Nucleus, Roon manages all your music – on hard drives, NAS, and streaming content. Roon Nucleus is the brains behind the operation and manages your music collection, it build an interconnected digital library using enhanced information from Roon's database.  You can browse and play music with the Roon controller apps on all of your devices; a Macintosh computer, Windows PC, iPad, iPhone, or Android devices.  Roon streams to all the audio gear you have and makes it all play nice together.


Sony premium home products are designed with installers in mind. Our new ES receiver casings fit seamlessly into racks, while their internal hardware and software such as web-based setup and a new back panel make programming and integration more efficient. We’ve worked with the leading control companies to ensure that Sony XBR Televisions, ES Receivers and ES Home Theater Projectors can be smoothly integrated regardless of the control system you prefer. Because of this, you can be confident that Sony premium home products allow for more efficient and powerful installs regardless of the size and scope of the job.


Stewart Filmscreen is the most recognized and award winning projection screen manufacturer in the industry. Stewart has been honored in many of the vertical markets it serves. From the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science Awards for Stewart's science and technical achievements in the film and motion picture industry, to the Pro AV and Home Theater industries where Stewart has received numerous worldwide awards for both its cutting edge innovative products and its incomparable customer service. In addition to industry awards, Stewart has received environmental awards for its clean manufacturing processes and plant operations.

Valorem Audio speakers are handcrafted in USA with internationally sourced premium components including Danish hand made drivers, Cabinets are made out of premium Baltic Birch plywood and wrapped in fine Italian leather with laminate and solid wood faces finished with natural oils and wax.  

Valorem Audio

Vicoustic is dedicated to provide great acoustics, enhancing rooms for great sound combined with the best possible design. Our company’s vision is to provide the best products and services for acoustic treatment. Always guaranteeing best quality of material, stunning design options and perfect results. Combined with skilled consulting and a portfolio of material from a wide range of products available under the registered trademark Vicoustic.


The closer we get to bringing the intensity and beauty of live music to your listening room, the closer we have come to achieving our goals. It began in the '80s when David realized the only way to figure out what was being lost by a cable was to remove it altogether. Listening tests with a cable vs. with components directly connected with no cable was the only way to actually hear what was being lost. This method then led to several patents as David continued to refine his cable designs to perform more and more closely to a direct connection. 


Mark Levinson No585 Integrated Amplifier receives prestigious EISA Award for European High-End Amplifier of the 2015 - 2016 at Munich audio show. 

AURALiC ALTAIR is a perfect single-box music source for your modern HiFi system. It combines a High End DAC with world class wireless streaming solution. There are 15 input sources, including stream from Network Shared Folder, USB Drive, Internal Music Storage (optional), uPnP/DLNA media server, TIDAL and Qobuz streaming, Internet Radio, AirPlay, Bluetooth, Songcast and Roon Ready. The rest of digital inputs are AES/EBU, Coaxial, TosLink, USB Device to computer, 2 USB host for storage and external DAC. ALTAIR will be available in silver and black finish, starting to ship by June 2016.

Kaleidescape Strato and Terra now shipping. The award-winning Kaleidescape Strato is the world's first and only 4K Ultra HD high-dynamic-range movie player. Strato plays movies in true 4K Ultra HD at up to 60 frames per second, without startup delays, buffering messages, or quality drops that are so common with streaming services. Strato supports lossless multichannel audio including Dolby Atmos, and bit-stream pass-through of Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. The Strato onscreen user interface is also displayed in 4K Ultra HD, at 60 frames per second, resulting in fluid animation and a stunning visual impact. Strato can be purchased with or without an internal 6TB hard drive that can store up to 100 4K Ultra HD movies, 200 Blu-ray quality movies, or 900 DVD quality movies. Strato equipped with internal movie storage can be used standalone or in a system with other Encore components. Strato with or without internal storage can play movies from any Terra movie server, from another Kaleidescape Strato or Alto with internal storage, or directly from a blu ray disc or dvd in a Kaleidescape Disc Server. The movie starts immediately, without trailers or warnings, and you can jump right to your favorite scene or song, without fast forwarding.



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